Judaism:  Daily Life and Worship


There are some major similarities and differences between Judaism and the other two major religions


Jewish people worship in a building called a synagogue.  The synagogue is a place of prayer, study, and assembly.


The leader at these services is the rabbi.  It is his job to lead the congregation in prayer and reflection.


During the service, the cantor is in charge reading Holy Scripture when the rabbi is not doing this.


The person in charge of the synagogue is the shammash. 


Rights of maturity occur on the onset of puberty.  It is accepted that girls mature quicker than boys.  At age 12, girls celebrate their bat mitzvah.  This acknowledges to the Jewish community that this person is able to make adult decisions.

          For boys, it is called a bat mitzvah.  It occurs at age 13.


Jewish people celebrate their day of rest on Saturday.  From sundown Friday night, to sundown Saturday it is a time of rest.  This is also when they attend synagogue.


It is not uncommon for boys and men to have their heads covered on the crown of their head.  The outside world knows these to be called Yamulka’s.  Jewish people call them kippots. 

          The reason for wearing them is to show the outside world that they are special because they follow Yahweh.  For the Jewish community it is a symbol of being a practicing Jew.


As for living the good book, which is called the Torah, Jewish people have some different philosophies compared to their Christian and Muslim friends.


          Deeds before creed.  Acting on good deeds is better than thinking about what can be done that is good.


          Christians see honor and wholesomeness with the vow of poverty.

                   Jewish people believe it is good to obtain wealth because with this wealth they are able to help and contribute to those less fortunate.


          Jewish law can be broken if human life will be harmed.